Primul BARBAT INSARCINAT din lume!

Da, ati citit bine. Nu, nu este o farsa (e deja 2 aprilie). Omenirea asista la “inventarea” PRIMULUI BARBAT GRAVID!

Cateva intrebari si raspunsuri:

Q: Will Mr. Lee breast-feed the child?
A: Though he may be biologically able to do so, Mr. Lee has indicated that he will most likely bottle-feed his child.

Q: What were the exact hormones administered to the patient?
A: The following hormones were given to Mr. Lee: lutenizing hormone, folicle stimulating hormone, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, and gamma fluro buterarone.

Q: How does the fetus obtain nutrients from Mr. Lee’s body?
A: The umbilical cord and placenta are implanted into Mr. Lee’s body. The metabolic exchanges between the fetus and patient, between mucosal with chorionic tissues, are almost analagous to female pregnancies. For more information, please see our Science of Male Pregnancy web page.

Personal am ramas oarecum “marcat” de acest eveniment. Lupta cu natura? Lupta cu Divinitatea? Tehnologie sau blasfemie?

Imi vin in minte zeci de intrebari. Daca Dl. Lee va reusi sa duca sarcina la bun sfarsit absolut toata ierarhia si tot balansul societatii va fi tulburat. Ce definitie va mai avea femeia? Dar barbatul? Pana acum una din caracteristicile principale ale femeii era capacitatea exclusiva de a procrea. Isi va pierde oare rolul? Sunt sigur ca daca acest prim experiment va avea succes vor aparea mii de alti “mamici”, mai ales in cuplurile homosexuale. Practic va fi posibil ca doi barbati sa…aiba un copil.

Nu sunt comunist, nici extremist. Totusi cred ca deja mergem prea departe. Sau poate e doar “ego-ul” masculin care striga dupa ajutor?

Puteti gasi mai multe informatii la aceasta adresa.


  1. (Web Hoax)

    Lee Mingwei, the first pregnant man
    This website documented the case of Mr. Lee Mingwei, supposedly the first man to bear child. A variety of documentary evidence was provided to allow visitors to track the progress of Mr. Mingwei’s pregnancy, but in fact all of the evidence was false. The site was really created as an art project by the conceptual artist Virgil Wong. In fact, it would be theoretically possible for a man to bear a child by means of an ectopic pregnancy (and taking female hormones), but due to the high risks involved, no one has ever attempted such a procedure (though in 2002 Doctor Chen Huanran in Beijing announced he was seeking volunteers).

  2. Follow the links from the “Credits” section, and eventually you’ll find a disclaimer which reads:

    This site (“Site”) was created to be an exploration of a very likely scenario that may one day result from new advances in biotechnology and infertility treatments. The Site itself does not provide actual commercial services, and the information contained on the Site is not represented as being factually accurate. This is a fictitious web site created by a single artist.

  3. BDF, eu am citit Disclaimer=ul si nu am gasit nimic in acest sens… Am cautat cam peste tot si nu am gasit nimic cum ca ar fi o farsa sau fictiune.
    Daca tu gasesti te rog sa ne trimiti si noua linkul 🙂

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